Let us make UP a USD 1 Trillion Economy.

Indian government under the leadership of PM Modi has set the target of USD 5 Trillion for Indian economy by 2025. It would take a sustained growth rate of 8% to achieve that. Difficult but achievable.

During the Investor Summit in 2018, PM Modi has also challenged CM Yogi to make UP a USD 1 Trillion economy. CM Yogi accepted this challenge. It would take hard work, discipline and harmony to achieve this ambitious goal.

Uttam Pradesh, Sarvottam Bharat Desh dedicates itself to achieving these twin objectives; 1 Trillion economy in UP and 5 Trillion Indian economy by 2025.

While economic growth is not the only thing that matters, it takes care of many problems our people face like poverty, hunger and malnutrition. Robust economy will create much needed jobs. Regular income will give people resources to take care of their family’s health and children’s education.

We seek to work with the Government, elected representatives at all levels from all political parties, bureaucrats and civil society to achieve this goal. UP with USD One Trillion economy will be closer to our dream of Uttam Pradesh and take us closer to make India a USD 5 Trillion economy.


Arvind Singh