An energized Uttar Pradesh is key to Sarvottam Bharat Desh. Good governance is what is needed to make Uttar Pradesh an Uttam Pradesh. A well governed Uttar Pradesh can not only create jobs for its youth and provide security to its women and minorities but add vitality to the whole country.
While possible, this is not easy. The biggest reason for bad governance is us. Many of us vote along the caste and religion lines and elect incompetent leaders. We have developed a sense of indifference to the quality of governance; we accept poor governance and do not demand better governance. Worse, our indifference has over time morphed into a sense of helplessness. Thus, a silent majority has allowed itself to be misruled, which is a tragedy in democratic system. We must rise above narrow affiliations and embrace the spirit of “unity in diversity” enshrined in our constitution. We can then surely realize our goal of Uttam Pradesh.
Societies progress only when and because people work hard. There are no magic wands. No one else will make us succeed. We must work hard and toil to build our future. So, get ready for honest and hard work. Our current politicians will promise us the moon and deliver nothing. We promise you nothing but good governance and rule of law to create jobs for our youth and security for our women and minorities. If get the basics in place, the rest will follow.
I invite all those who care about Uttar Pradesh to join this movement to usher in good governance in UP and make it an Uttam Pradesh.

Jai hind
Uttam Pradesh, Sarvottam Bharat Desh
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