About us

We are a group of Indians seeking improvement in governance in Uttar Pradesh to re-energize India that will , we believe, will India gain a premier position in the world. In our federal structure, state government play a critical role in provision of government services including health, education and above all, maintaining the rule of law.

We believe that there has been a marked deterioration in the quality of governance in Uttar Pradesh. The main reasons for the decline has been apathy and indifference by the silent majority. Another important factor has been our own narrow ways of thinking that has allowed opportunistic politicians to exploit our differences and win power by dividing us and pitting one group against the other. We have to heal our differences and rise above them to build a common shared bright future for our youth.

Youth alone can bring the change. Full of ideas and idealists, our youth must strive to craft a better future for them and their children. Our youth needs productive employment; they need jobs. They will need to create a society where rule of law prevails with favor or fear and rules are applied evenly to provide security and protection to women and minority. The rules must work and must be seen to work. Once the basics are in place, it will unleash the energies in the state that will fully realize the potential of our people.

The changes are clear but not easy. Many of the changes we seek must begin with us. There are no short cuts to enduring success. We must be willing to work hard. We must accept that to create a worthwhile future, we must accept some pain and discomfort in the short run.

We are seeking change agents among our youth. Our job is to coach and train them to lead the change they seek. We are their mentors in their journey. We will provide direction and support , where they need. But this is their jung and they must fight to create a society enshrined in our constitution wherein every man and woman irrespective of his or her religion and caste can realize their fullest potential in UP and in India.