23 lakh candidates apply for 203 peon jobs in UP including Masters and PhD

We desperately need jobs in our State to deploy our youth and harness their energies. If we fail to do so, those very energies may get misdirected and pose a big problem for the state and our country. Productive and sustainable job creation is the single biggest need of the hour.

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How big is Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state?

One way of answering the question is to take its total area: 95,000 square miles (246,000 sq km). Another way is to think of it as a country. If Uttar Pradesh were to declare independence, it would be the world’s fifth most populous country (as the map below shows, it has about the same number of residents as Brazil). Yet its economy would only be the size of Qatar, a tiny oil-rich state of fewer than 2m people. That makes it poor on a per person basis. Despite India’s two decades of rapid growth, Uttar Pradesh’s GDP per head is close to that of Kenya….


Women safety and Uttar Pradesh: Woman brutalised, gang-raped in school in Lucknow

In a complete rerun of the gruesome Nirbhaya incident that sparked outrage in Delhi, one more incident of gang-rape and murder has surfaced from Akhilesh Yadav’s Uttar Pradesh exposing the lack of safety and state government’s apathy to women safety.