An energized Uttar Pradesh is a critical to the rise of India.

A well governed Uttar Pradesh will help us make Sarvottam Bharat Desh.

We seek a State with thriving economy that creates adequate jobs for our youth, a state with good law and order where women and minorities feel secure and a state that pursues the twin objectives of higher productivity and incomes for our rural residents and concurrent industrialization & urbanization. We aim to attract professionals and business men to the State to build Uttam Pradesh.

While we are for growth, we want growth with lesser inequity. We will provide equality in opportunities; however, we must accept inequality in outcomes. With the same tools, some people will do better than others because of their talent, discipline and hard work. We need to connect with and have empathy for every member of our society. This will be our guiding principle to connect all Indians.

Inequity in India has gone up dramatically over the past two decades. 1% richest people control over 50% of wealth. The bottom 50% of population only accounts of 4% of the wealth. These levels of inequity are not sustainable. This is not only morally wrong but also, economically bad. So much resources concentrated in hands of the few hurt the economy. Lesser inequity would mean greater resources with poor who can buy more goods and services which will lead to greater economic activity leading to more jobs for youth and more taxes for the government to spend on public welfare and more profits for the businessmen. Lesser inequity is in everyone’s interest in the long term.

Our vision:

Make Uttar Pradesh one of India’s most successful states among top 5 states by 2047 in terms of per capita income.

Currently, Uttar Pradesh stands at the bottom of the table with per capita income that is just above half of the national average. To achieve place among top 5 states, Uttar Pradesh has to achieve double digit growth and reach the national average.

Governance is key.

Quality of governance is critical if we are to achieve our mission.

We will attract better people to politics and government. “Achche Log will bring in achche din”. Why don’t our best people get into the politics? Why do the students with first class academic and leadership skills get into politics?

Our aim is to bring youth with competence, passion and integrity into politics.

We invite youth- female and male- under 40 – to lead and become the change they wish to see.

We stand for

  • We must unleash the power of the youth.
  • We must empower and enable women to realize their fuller potential.
  • Jobs. Jobs. Jobs
  • No Corruption. Zero tolerance for corruption.
  • Better Public Services. Health & Education.
  • Urbanize &provide urban services in rural areas
    (PURA –conceived by President Kalam)
  • Phase out caste-based reservations

Our Inspiration:-

Singapore: Then and Now
From a Third World to First World City State within 30 years.