Your involvement is critical to achieve Uttam Pradesh. We invite you to get involved as;


Mentors are experienced / retired professionals, government officials and member of our civil society like Teachers, Doctors, Economists etc. who can lend invaluable guidance and inputs in their areas of expertise. As a mentor, you are expected to assist and guide in policy formulation and participate in the strategy setting forum.


Volunteers are those who believe in the purpose of Uttam Pradesh and make a certain time commitment for organizational development and mobilization. They will also provide inputs to the overall strategy and approach. Anyone living in the state of Uttar Pradesh can enrolls as a Volunteer.


Anyone can be a member. Members are those who believe in the purpose of Uttam Pradesh and would like to stay informed of the progress being made and may occasionally be involved in organizational and mobilization work. They are expected to spread the word about Uttam Pradesh among their networks including social media.


We need resources to continue and scale up our work. We need your contributions to Uttam Pradesh. Indian nationals are requested to make payments via checks or through credit cards. All contributions will be displayed on our website. Make a check payable to “Uttam Pradesh Sarvottam Bharat Desh”

In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. For Cheque payments, please make cheque payable to “Uttam Pradesh Sarvottam Bharat Desh” and mail to

First Floor, M – 1 /8A, Sector – B,
Aliganj , Lucknow 226024
Uttar Pradesh, India
Attention: Mr Manish Singh

For Bank Transfers, please remit the funds to

A/c No : 50200018059590     A/c : Uttam Pradesh Sarvottam Bharat Desh

Bank : HDFC      IFSC Code : HDFC0002686

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged.