Recently, 23 lakhs applicants applied for 203 clerical jobs in UP; most of the applicants were graduates and some even post graduate and PhDs !!

We need millions of new jobs to productively engage our youth. If not done, the demographic dividend from a young population may become demographic disaster of frustrated youth. Job creation  must the single most important goal for any State government. Enforcement of the rule of law will create peaceful environment conducive to growth and  leading to job creation. Other initiatives must include;

  • Revamp education to improve quality and make the education more relevant and applicable in the real life jobs. This would require adding vocational training layer to basic education. Also, we need to revamp our schools to reduce learning by role and encourage practical learning.
  • Provide greater access and handholding to job markets within the state, the country and abroad. Many good students from villages and small towns do not have access to information about jobs nor have any one to guide and prepare them for their job search. With the help of technology, this can be possible today to provide them with much needed guidance and support.
  • Make English an optional language of instruction in all government operated and funded schools, colleges and universities while ensuring students have opportunity to learn mother language like Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. English is de-facto the business language in the country. Some leaders resist use of English in Government Schools but send their own children and grand children to English medium private schools.

Apart from jobs, we must inculcate entrepreneurial culture among our youth. Many of our youth may have an innovative idea and may want to build a business around that idea. They should be encouraged through risk capital and mentoring; not only they will create job for themselves, they will also create jobs for others in their community.