The Uttar Pradesh government provides dismal public services. The state government spends a large sum on education but the quality of education imparted is deplorable. Likewise, the state spends vast sums on healthcare. There are hospitals and doctors but the quality of treatment is questionable. Many a times, doctors and teachers are not around to do their job. This is prevalent in practically all aspects of public service.

Such mismanagement happens with the connivance of senior officials in the state government and due to the indifference of people who are meant to be served. People must seek greater accountability.

  • Erring teachers, doctors and other officials must be made aware that not discharging their duty is a violation of service conditions and that their services can be terminated.
  • The ultimate beneficiaries must be engaged to report cases of negligence or not discharging of duties by officials along with evidence – written, audio or video. A mechanism must be put in place to ensure quick redressal. Those found guilty must be publicly shamed.
  • Honest and sincere officials must be recognized and rewarded. We believe that most people are since and honest and we should encourage them.
  • Government departments should have an objective data-centric performance review. Annual bonus should be paid for achieving and exceeding critical performance targets.
  • Every government employee must avail a minimum of two weeks of block leave. There is a noted tendency among officials to not take leaves permitted under service conditions. This shows inefficiency and may breed corruption as every officer must give away charge to a “relieving” officer for two weeks every year.