We must eliminate corruption from our day to day life. Corruption saps the energies of the society and encourage the rent seekers to delay things so that they can demand and get bribes. Petty corruption can be stopped if we eliminate the political patronage that uses the bureaucracy to raise unaccounted funds in black money. Each one of us has a role to play in this fight against corruption.

  • Say NO if asked to give bribes. Officials and their minions get bribes because we chose to give them. We must not give bribes and record all such cases to the State Government operated grievance line with some evidence.
  • Record and report. Use your mobile to make audio and/or video records of anyone asking for bribes and upload to a government operated site. You will receive feedback within 2 weeks. With smart phones in hand, every citizen can now be a reporter.
  • We must create special courts to listen to corruption related cases and pass speedy judgments against erring officials. Those reporting cases against honest officials as vengeful acts will also be punished.
  • Strengthen and implement ” whistle blowing” act to encourage honest officials and people at large to report cases of corruption and abuse of power; all such bona fide people will be provided protection, recognition and support by the State Government.