We believe the youth and women can bring about change. Both these groups play a marginal role in today’s political processes as older men dominate the discourse and decision-making. We want greater representation for the youth and women in politics and public life. Let them show the way!

Jobs for youth

The youth can triumph over caste and religion. Uttar Pradesh is a young state. More than 40 percent of its population is below 20. This means a huge reservoir of human energy is waiting to be unleashed. If it is productively employed, Uttar Pradesh can emerge as a leading manufacturing and services hub for India and the world. Our vast numbers also make us the biggest market in India. Every company, Indian or international, would want to produce and sell in Uttar Pradesh.

Security First. For women and minorities.

About half of our population does not get an opportunity to realize its potential. Girls outclass boys in state examinations but most of them drop out of the workforce due to lack of suitable employment. They feel insecure, which is a prime reason to stop working. Our society has systemic biases against women. Parents discriminate against the girl-child and in favor of boys: in education, nourishment, amenities, luxuries, everything. This must change. Our youth need to educate the society. The minorities – social, religious, economic – live under the fear of domination, oppression by the majority. Injustices of the past prevent them from trusting even the law-enforcers. This too must change. The administration must apply the law fairly and evenly without fear or favour. Security is every Indian’s undeniable right.